Polish Philharmonic Sinfonia Baltica in Słupsk

The long list of renowned soloists and conductors who appeared with the Słupsk Orchestra includes Wanda Wiłkomirska, Regina Smendzianka, Lidia Grychtołówna, Barbara Górzyńska, Jadwiga Kotnowska, Ewa Pobłocka, Barbara Zagórzanka, Reiko Otani, Vadim Brodski, Kevin Kenner, Piotr Paleczny, Waldemar Malicki, Henryk Kaliński, Roman Jabłoński, Kontanty Andrzej Kulka, Krzysztof Jakowicz, Adam Makowicz, Michał Urbaniak, Jerzy Katlewicz, Krzysztof Missona, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Witold Krzemieński, Grzegorz Nowak, Marek Pijarowski, and Krzesimir Dębski.

Foreign tours have taken the orchestra to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Benelux countries. Apart from the staple symphonic repertoire, the orchestra performs a wide range of music on the borderline of various styles and genres, including symphonic versions of pop and jazz hits.

Polish Philharmonic Sinfonia Baltica has recorded a dozen or so discs, including those featuring music by the conterporary Italian composer G.P.Chiti, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto in E flat major performed by Paola Volpe, jazz arrangenents of Chopin’s music Chopin inaczej (Chopin with a difference), and Christmas carols with the Polish Nightingales Boy’s Choir from Poznań. Two instrumental records – Beatles Symphony Orchestra (Part One and Part Two with violinist Vadim Brodski) featuring songs by Lennon and McCartney and Czy mnie jeszcze pamiętasz? (Do You Still Remeber Me ?) with Polish hits of the 1960s in orchestral arrangements by Bohdan Jarmołowicz have been great commercial successes. A CD with concertos for saxophone with Greg Banaszak (USA) as soloist won the prestigious Grammy nomination (1998). The orchestra’s one of records W dzień Bożego Narodzenia – kolędy (On Christmas Day – Christmas carols) features carols in Jarmołowicz’s arrangements, sung by well-known soloists. The orchestra’s two records: Chopin nieznany (Chopin - Unknown Beauty) with chamber pieces by Chopin in symphonic versions with piano solo for DUX label and contemporary American music for flute performing by American flutist Katherine DeJongh for American label Centaur Records are very interesting.In June 2001 orchestra and singer Andre Ochodlo recorded Jewish songs by Itzig Manger (lyrics) for Koch International Poland label.

The orchestra has to its credit many first performances of works by Polish contemporary composers, including four pieces by Krzesimir Dębski: the Piano Concerto, the Horn Concerto, the Flute Concerto and the Concerto for two Stradivaris. In 199 9, 2000, 2005 the Orchestra, with choir and a group of soloists, performed Zbigniew Preisner’s A Requiem for my friend (in 2005 one of the concerts has been in prestigious hall Concertgebouw in Amsterdam).

Sinfonia Baltica has lately produced four of highly successful classical and popular music recordings, among them Tango Forever (Piazzola’s compositions in symphonic versions) with famous French accordion player Richard Galliano as a soloist. The first DVD with Requiem d-moll by Mozart during night concert in Gdańsk in December 2004 was released in January 2008.

The orchestra is among Polish leading ensembles of its size. This is confirmed not only by excellent reviews from the most renowned critics but also by its permanent presence in the most prestigious venues. The concert master of the orchestra is Maria Nowak-Walbrodt a prize-winner of XI International Wieniawski Violin Competition in Poznań.

Since 1992 Polish Philharmonic in Słupsk Sinfonia Baltica has worked under the talented conductor, composer and arranger Bohdan Jarmołowicz as its Managing and Artistic Director.